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Martin Lewis shares tax code advice after man received check for £475 | Personal finance | Finance

On the Martin Lewis Money Show on Tuesday, the financial expert discussed the end of the tax year and what Brits can do to try and save some extra cash. Darren emailed the show to thank the money-saving expert for the ‘tax code tip’ which helped him save £475. He said: ‘I have just received […]

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Kentucky Tax Talk: Inside Louisville’s New Tax Regulations

This article originally appeared in Law360 Tax Authority. When Louisville Metro Revenue Commission, or Metro Revenue, regulations were last changed, Arnold Schwarzenegger had just been elected Governor of California, the United States was on the brink of war with Iraq, and Apple had just to launch its new product, iTunes. Based on what has since […]

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5 Overlooked Tax Deductions for Freelancers | by Citizen Upgrade | March 2022

Save money on your taxes with these business deductions! Photo by StellrWeb on Unsplash Citizen Upgrade is not a registered investment, legal or tax advisor, or broker/dealer. All investment/financial opinions expressed by Citizen Upgrade are derived from the author’s personal research and experience and are intended to serve as educational material for informational purposes only. […]

Tax deductions

A comprehensive guide to tax deductions for UK landlords

Post views: 142 Most of the expenses you incur when renting a home can be deducted from your tax bill as a landlord. Learn how to use them and what you can claim. Expenses an owner can claim Homeowners can generally deduct the costs of operating and maintaining their property, reducing their tax bill. If […]

Tax deductions

Freelancers can use these expenses to qualify for tax deductions

The daily routine of office work may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people like the flexibility and independence of working from anywhere, so they can pursue their other interests, or they just like to avoid a tedious routine. Freelancing suits them, and they can work from the comfort of their home, a coffee […]

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What is the difference between standard and itemized tax deductions

There are a lot of decisions to be made during tax season. You need to decide your filing status, the tax credits you want to claim, and whether you want to itemize your deductions or use the standard deduction. 1 The goal is to choose the method that will make you the most money.Credit: Getty […]

Tax deductions

The Pros and Cons of Standard Tax Deductions vs. Itemized Tax Deductions

Although you don’t have much choice when it comes to paying taxes, there are deductions available to reduce the amount… Although you don’t have much choice when it comes to paying taxes, there are deductions available to reduce the amount you owe Uncle Sam. Deductions protect some of your income from income tax. income, and […]

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Tax code proposes write-offs for certain private jet purchases

A tweet from a New York congressional candidate pitting federal tax deductions available to teachers against deductions available to people who can purchase private jets quickly spread, garnering 23,500 retweets and 91,700 likes. “Teachers can only deduct up to $250 for school supplies on their taxes, but billionaires can deduct the entire cost of a […]

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Single Women Lose in Today’s Economy: Wages, Tax Code

Sometimes it seems like everyone is pushing women to get married, even the US government. Loading Something is loading. As more millennials postpone or forgo marriage, the economy hasn’t caught up. Single people pay more for housing, social life and taxes — and they get paid less. Kate Mannelly, a 29-year-old teacher living in Boston, […]

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Complete Guide: Home Equity Loans and Tax Deductions

A home equity loan can be a great way to use the equity in your home for a variety of different purchases. In addition to using the money for home improvement projects, many people use home equity loans to finance debt consolidation or other major purchases like investments or higher education. Although interest paid on […]

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New Tax Laws 2022: Getting Paid on Venmo or Cash App? This new tax rule may apply to you

If you use payment apps like Venmo, PayPal, or CashApp, the New Year has introduced a change to an IRS tax reporting rule that may apply to some of your transactions. The new rule, which went into effect Jan. 1, imposes no additional tax on payment app users. But it makes it harder for someone […]