The International Rubber Conference (IRC) is a large and important conference of the International Rubber Conference Organization (IRCO),and it is held annually and organized by 20 rubber societies/divisions/institutes from different countries by turns. China has organized IRC1992 and IRC2004 successfully. IRC2014 will be dedicated to high level discussion of the market determining forces and latest developments in rubber industry and technology throughout the world, as well as to the forum for the interchange of scientific studies and industrial technologies.
      Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry(BRDI)Founded in 1955, BRDI is the earliest and biggest national institute of rubber research and development and she is authorized by the State Council to confer the Master’s degree of hylology. BRDI has a high reputation and popularity at home and abroad. The core business of BRDI includes tire technology development and service, raw material development, application, research and service, development and production of additives, related mechanic equipments and instruments, and rubber products, industrial standards, metrology and information service, chemical project consultation and supervision, as well as test and research of raw materials, rubber and tires.

IRCO CIESC Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry


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