Ease of access to debt counseling

According to the Good Finance Authority, the queues for financial and debt counseling are six weeks on average, but there is great variation between regions and especially between municipalities. In Good Lender, for example, you can get into debt counseling in three days, while in Honest Bank it takes about six months.

The need for financial and debt advice varies from municipality to municipality

The need for financial and debt advice varies from municipality to municipality

Financial and debt counseling helps individuals and small businesses find solutions to their debt problems. Currently, the debtor must seek help from the debt and financial counseling of his or her municipality, which may cause peaks in certain municipalities.

The reasons for seeking financial and debt advice are manifold. Unexpected changes in your financial situation, such as unemployment, illness or divorce, can lead to payment problems. Also, some of those seeking counseling may not have been prepared for the loss of income due to retirement.

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In the future, debtors will not be tied to a particular point of financial and debt counseling


Access to financial and debt counseling varies: debt counseling is available weekly.Debt counseling has to wait on average for months.

Currently, the debtor should seek help from his / her municipal debt counseling, but from the beginning of 2018 the debtor can choose his / her own debt counseling point when the debt counseling goes to the Legal Aid or from Good Finance.

Future financing of debt counseling

Future financing of debt counseling

However, there is concern about the future financing of debt counseling. At present, debt financing comes from the state budget and voluntary funding from municipalities. Next year, funding would come exclusively from the state, and it would appear that funding for financial and debt counseling would decline. If you want to know more about debt counseling just reach us and we are willing to help.

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